Lighthouses of Nova Scotia

My library system withdrew Lighthouses of Nova Scotia by David E. Stephens on account of condition. Indeed, as the scan of the front cover shows, it is well-worn and coming apart. The edition I read was published in 1973, however my library has not had it in its collection that long, as I can see that it was added years later as a donation. It was a charming little book of 79 pages, full of black-and-white photos and a few sketches. Sadly the photos were of poor quality and I do not exaggerate when I say that on numerous occasions I had to take a good long look at some of the pictures to find out where the lighthouses even were. The text of the book was typewritten, complete with flying capitals which added to its charm as a home-grown effort. In keeping with the do-it-yourself nature, Stephens wrote in the Author’s Note “My wife, Glenda,proof read the typescript, which was a fantastic task.” (I reproduced it exactly as written, spacing errors and all.) It was thus an occasion for amusement when I turned the very next page and saw the “Foreward”. I suppose Glenda didn’t have SpellCheck in 1973. Stephens gave a lengthy history of lighthouses in Canada, followed by chapters on those who looked after (often living in) lighthouses and lighthouse maintenance. I like lighthouses and own many books about them, and have a much larger book about Nova Scotia lighthouses which includes colour photos so I will not be keeping this.

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