Luise Rainer and der Boulevard der Stars in Berlin

Mark and I are waiting for our flight from Berlin to Toronto, which leaves at 12.05 local time. While flying home we will miss the final World Cup match in its entirety. I hope the pilot informs the passengers who wins the game. Yesterday I visited the Boulevard der Stars, where Luise Rainer was awarded with a star on Berlin’s equivalent to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Der Boulevard der Stars, located at Potsdamer Platz, very close to the Canadian embassy

Luise Rainer’s star

…and other stars from the world of German cinema:

Yesterday I made a return visit to Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus, the largest book- and music store in Berlin. I had gone on Friday but didn’t have enough time to look around on all four floors. Needless to say, I bought a lot of stuff and found language books that one can only find in Germany. Wait for the book cover scans and descriptions.

Beautiful weather for our Copenhagen and Berlin holiday. Iceland and the Faroes were chilly, yet on the continent I could finally go out in a T-shirt and shorts.

Stay tuned to my blog when I get home for blog posts from the northern Faroe Islands.

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