Mango loves the red Christmas tree

I adopted a new budgie, an adult female, in August. Grey died in my hands on August 5 and I waited twelve days before I got another bird. I wanted an adult versus a juvenile, and checked the website of Mississauga Animal Services for budgies that were up for adoption. All animals are named by the staff that take them in and care for them, and names seem to rotate around weekly themes. Mango must have been named during Fruit Week. I do not know her real name, however she loves to chirp and often chortles, which is heard prior to the bird talking. So far she has not spoken any language other than Bird. Mango is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner so she must be used to it.

In mid-November I start decorating for Christmas and this year I am putting up my rainbow Christmas tree forest. I will post more photos when my house is fully decorated, yet I had to share a photo I was lucky to have had the time to take:

I brought my camera downstairs in preparation for the next time Mango perched in the tree (if there was a next time) after I missed her first visit to the Christmas tree playhouse a few days earlier. This was as far as I know the second time Mango has perched in my red tree, yet the first time she has perched in it after I had decorated it. She does not perch in the tree when it is lit up, and her older companion Kakapo does not perch in the trees at all (and never did, although Grey did). I wonder if Mango perched in Christmas trees in her former household. I will try to get a clearer shot should she take a third Christmas tree visit.

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