Mississauga’s Heritage: The Formative Years 1798-1879

Mississauga’s Heritage: The Formative Years 1798-1879 was published by the Historical Section of the City of Mississauga Recreation and Parks Department in 1983. The book started with a brief history of the founding of the city, followed by a lengthier section about its heritage structures. Photos (sometimes drawings) of all of these buildings were included as well as multiple maps. The map indicated which buildings were still standing and which ones had been demolished, however since this book was published forty years ago I know that some of them, especially in my neighbourhood, have been razed (such as the A. V. Baron Antiques house from 1877 at 264 Dundas St. E.). Unfortunately so many more have vanished in areas I have enjoyed cycling to, such as the two adjacent houses at 16 and 18 Scarboro St. in old Malton and some houses along (Old) Creditview Road south of Derry and along Dundas Crescent in Erindale.

I did not find the italics font used to describe the heritage structures easy to read. Italics should never be a primary font. The descriptions were full of architectural terms and I often used Google Images to discern what part of the house, roof or windows was being discussed. The accompanying photos did help, however. Only when I got to the end of the book did I realize that there was a glossary of terms. The glossary was listed in the table of contents, but one tends not to read the entire table of contents.

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