Mom, seven years later

My mother died in her sleep after she went to bed on the night of November 11, 2014. I remember her with some photos from fond memories of I have of her, and some photos that predate my birth:

Mom is wearing her “Partridge Family bus” blouse

Standing outside Finlandia-talo (Finlandia Hall) on June 22, 2000 when Mom visited me during my summer studying in Helsinki

During her visit we took a trip north to Lapland and Mom is standing next to the train station in Kemijärvi

Taking a woodsy walk around Kemijärvi

At Joshua Tree National Park

Mom and Dad shortly after their wedding

Mom as a teen at Christmas

Since her death I have assumed the role of baker of shortbread cookies. I started baking this past Sunday, November 7 and combined with baking nights on Monday and Wednesday (last night) I have filled 11½ tins. Last year, when COVID kept everything shut and everyone inside, I had the time on my hands to bake 49 tins. I know that with places opening up, stores allowing in-person shopping again, the Y back open and the Mississauga Scrabble Club resuming operations that I will not have the time to make that many cookies this year. It saddens me (a bit) and relieves me (if I am honest) to know that I will have a reduced baking quota this year. This chart shows my annual shortbread cookie tin count since 2015:

YearNumber of Shortbread Cookie Tins I Made
201731 (I found an incomplete list; but at least 31)

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