Mom, six years later

My mother died six years ago today. In her memory I continue the tradition of baking her shortbread cookies. I started this year on November 2 and have so far filled sixteen tins and two larger containers. I am disappointed that every time I go to Dollarama–and I have checked now three different stores several times since Halloween–they haven’t had the tins I like in stock. I wonder if they won’t be getting them this year. So now my mission in the name of my mother is to track down twenty-five cookie tins. Otherwise I’m going to have to use the kind they have in stock now, which I can picture my mother making a face at. She’d never give cookies in tins with see-through lids.

It is still too early to listen to Christmas music or to watch Christmas specials and there is no hockey on TV to watch while I bake. I have occupied my baking time watching American election coverage.

This Sunday would have been the date for the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, the weekend when I give myself permission to start decorating for Christmas. Since the parade is virtual this year, and will be broadcast on Saturday, December 5, I have had to rethink my plans. For me, December 5 is too late to start decorating my house. I will be out with Mark this weekend so I cannot do it then. I have decided to set up my tree tomorrow, on Friday, and work on it when we get back on Monday next week. I can never decorate my tree until I get all the lights on first, and my motto is that a Christmas tree can never have too many lights. It always takes me days to attach or clip on all the cords. I have decided on a decoration and lights theme for my tree: tune in here to see photos.

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