More books that I bought in North Korea

When I visited North Korea in September 2011 I came home with suitcases of souvenirs. I was even able to give a suitcase that I had filled with books to our chaperone, Simon Cockerell, to take back to Peking on my behalf. This post will show the rest of all the pocketbooks I bought. I do plan on reading all of these; none of these paperbacks would even approach a quarter of a typical Diana Gabaldon production and could quite comfortably fit into a pocket. Books that I had already read and reviewed are not part of this post.

I remember when I showed The Juche Idea is a Great Revolutionary Banner (from 1975) and Juche Theory and Application (1978) to the Koryo Tours chaperone Simon Cockerell, he seemed impressed that these old books were still available for sale. I did not buy them in Pyongyang, so they must be really old stock from a bookstore in another city that rarely saw English-speaking tourists. My Life and Faith was the longest book at 346 pages. Read the description of what the book is about on the back cover, scanned to the left of the front cover. Panorama of Korea is a history of and travel guide to the DPRK (282 pages). The orange cover featuring a rocket and the North Korean flag was the only book I saw there that had a UPC symbol on it. It was published in the DPRK in 2009.

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