More photos from down east

Some of my favourite shots my mother took during our trip with Mark to Newfoundland:


The colourful row houses in St. John’s. St. John’s is famous for its extremely steep streets (which make San Francisco look like a prairie town) as well as its jellybean assortment of houses.

Mark and I at Fort Amherst. The lighthouse overlooks the south side of the harbour entrance to St. John’s.

Posing with our sister hero Peter Pan in Bowring Park, St. John’s. I totally understand why that young woman is trying to catch a glimpse up Peter’s “dress”.

Me eating cod tongues while watching the puffins with Mark at Cape Bonavista NL.

Mom and me turning away from the rocky island that was home to thousands upon thousands of puffins. We enjoyed watching them fly, seemingly defying gravity as they encircled the island. Sometimes we could see them flying with their beaks full of capelin.

I love postal photography. My mother snapped pictures of me standing in front of every post office we passed. This one is in Open Hall on the Bonavista peninsula.

More photographs to come.

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