More translations of Le Petit Prince

I have just photographed the covers of all the books I picked up while on holiday. When I have more time (perhaps while I am on Tristan) I will write an entry about all of them. I probably will write about the books I acquired in each country, thus in five separate entries. By far the most books I bought were in Luxembourg, where I went crazy shopping for Lëtzebuergesch grammars and audio materials.

The first of my holiday book entries, however, will be about my four new translations of Le Petit Prince. In the order that I bought them, they are:

Litli prinsinn in Icelandic (hardcover). This was the only copy I saw in Reykjavík and was glad to find it at all.


De Kleine Prins in Dutch (paperback). I saw the paperback first in a large Amsterdam store and grabbed it. Only after I bought it did I find hardcovers as well as the Dutch pop-up book and also a puzzle version. I don’t collect any of these novelty editions but I would have bought the hardcover if I had seen it first. While in Belgium, by the way, I saw the exact same editions.


De Klenge Prënz in Lëtzebuergesch (paperback). I only saw paperback editions in Luxembourg. Because I am so interested in Luxembourgish and enjoyed listening to it being spoken, I bought an audio version of the story:


and finally:


Den lille prinsen in Norwegian (hardcover). I got this one in Oslo and it like the Icelandic translation was the only hardcover edition I saw in the shops. Whereas the Icelandic hardcover edition was the one and only edition I found be it hardcover or paperback, I did see paperback copies of Den lille prinsen around.

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