Muscle Memory

I had lost three pounds during my week in Orlando. The reasons for my weight loss were due to both an alteration to my diet, wherein I did not ingest my regular high-protein quota, plus not going to the gym at all in seven days. There is a physiological phenomenon popularly called “muscle memory”, which enables one to put weight back on, muscle mass specifically, at a faster pace than it took one to put that weight on in the first place.

After my four-week holiday last summer, where I visited a gym only once (yet I must add it was a Romansch gym, so I get extra props for that) I lost five pounds. Remarkably, it only took me two weeks to put that weight back on. Yesterday at the Y I weighed myself, as I always do, and I am now back up to the weight I was before I left for Orlando. So it only took me a week and a half to regain those three pounds. 

My metabolism is faster than a hummingbird’s wing beat and when I go off my dietary plan or gym schedule my body wants so bad to go back to burning up fat and body mass. Ectomorphic types like myself seem to shrink the fastest after such absences.

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