My Christmas house at night

I am sitting in the departure lounge at the Toronto International Airport awaiting my flight to Halifax. Nexus got me through in record time: I bypassed the non-Nexus lineup and proceeded through security in three minutes.

So much still had to be done last night, including ironing, the dishes, packing, plus the luxury tasks of catching up on “Coronation Street” and watching “White Christmas”. I also biked out to take a look at my Christmas house from across the street. You can see the red glow of my Christmas tree forest from a far distance. And when you look directly across the street into my house with the blinds up, you can see three of my coloured trees plus my new pencil-thin snow-flocked tree in my front entrance.

I finally went to bed at 03.10 this morning, and got up at 06.30 since I still had a whole lot to do. I went to the Polish deli to get a variety of six different sausages. There is no such deli in Halifax. I also had a few more gifts to wrap for my Mississauga Christmas with Grant, Evelyn and Mark. I don’t like coming home to presents that still need wrapping. I can say that I got it all done.

Just after 2 a.m. I took a few nighttime photos of my Christmas house:

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