My second appearance on “Geography Now!”

During my trip to Miami Beach earlier this month I mailed a package to Paul Barbato, the host of “Geography Now!”. I had mailed him a package last autumn from Tristan da Cunha, yet this package contained more souvenirs from Tristan as well as some from my 2011 trip to North Korea. I am happy to say that he featured my second package on the episode that aired today. Learn all about the Liberian flag during this episode followed by a rundown of all the postcards and packages he received last week. I mailed the package on the morning of Monday, March 5 from the post office on Washington Avenue not far from the Clay Hotel. That’s a speedy delivery, compared to the weeks it took for my first package to arrive.

My segment starts at 7:33. I knew that Paul’s preferred T-shirt size was medium, yet apparently the orange Tristan shirt I bought for him when I was on the island was way too large, in spite of its label stating it was a medium. Paul holds up some postcards and while one was a package of postcards that I picked up while in the DPRK (all unused), the other postcard he is holding up is one from Miami Beach. North Korean beaches don’t look like that!

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