Mykines cancelled

First thing this morning we heard that the weather conditions were so bad that the boat trip at 10.20 to Mykines was cancelled. Apparently they have only sailed 20% of the time so far this season. Imagine if we had sailed to Mykines and then were not able to sail back. We would have had to stay on the island until sea conditions were calm. This is not news to me. In fact, when I was last on the Faroes fifteen years ago, I could not fly back to Copenhagen because of the fog. The airline put me up in the Hotel Hafnia in Tórshavn and even gave me meal vouchers. And three years ago our flight from Akureyri, Iceland to the island of Grímsey was also cancelled because of the fog. I seem to make a habit of going to islands and then getting stranded on them. Just ask me about Tristan last year.

Instead of hanging around tiny Sørvágur for the day, we decided to head straight to Tórshavn. Our guesthouse host Elisabeth offered to drive Mark and me there since she was headed to the capital and was leaving at 9.15. We thanked her for the free trip into town and then explored the city. I was last here fifteen years ago, and noticed many changes, the most striking being the increase in the number of restaurants. We walked in to the new Tutl music store (new in the sense that it was not in that location fifteen years ago) and who do I run into but my musician friend Heðin Ziska Davidsen! I couldn’t believe it. I had to pull myself out of the store–without buying anything, yet–because I had only just arrived in town moments ago and wanted to explore more of the city. I did not want to spend what could be an hour in the store when I was there with Mark. We wanted to walk around the city and we will return to the shops later to buy stuff.

We picked up a few groceries, ate lunch at our hostel, and that’s where I am writing this. We’ll head out again in about half an hour.

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