New sofabed

After twenty-four and a half years I have finally ditched my old Bauhaus couch and bought a new sofabed. It is a queen plus size from American Leather (in spite of the company name, there is no leather in my new sofabed) and I opted for the thicker gel mattress and three cushions instead of two. It is in the “smoke” colour fabric. Today I have the morning off and I arranged, weeks ago, for delivery today. It is a blizzard this morning and many schools, universities and services are closed. I feared that I wouldn’t get my sofabed delivery today. Not only that, but my phone service is out. I have no dial tone. Friends have tried to call me and they get a busy signal. With my phone not working I worried that even if the delivery was still on for this morning, they wouldn’t come over if they couldn’t get ahold of me.

When I was upstairs I heard a truck outside. I just thought it was a snowplow. I peered through my blinds and saw that it was the delivery truck!

I quickly put on my boots and coat (no gloves) and shoveled a path for the two movers along the driveway to the door. The new sofabed was well protected from the elements yet was too wide for the front door. They had to remove two of its legs to get it inside. My two budgies fly freely but I would not let them out of their cage this morning in case the delivery came. Good thing I kept them sequestered because they acted up like crazy as the movers were disassembling then reassembling and positioning the new sofabed and then taking the old couch out. The movers had to leave the front door open for a long time and snow was blowing in. The birds would have flown all over the living room as the furniture was being moved and–Heaven forbid–could have flown outside amidst all this strange activity.

In November I finally got a new bed…today my new sofabed arrived. Next major renovation: to completely redo all my window coverings with new blinds. I might wait till the summer for that one.

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