Nova Scotia book buys

Mark and I spent another holiday in Nova Scotia and I made two visits to Schooner Books in Halifax. On my first visit, when I only had half an hour, I was happy to find the novel Grand Parade by G. B. Lancaster:

I had learned about this book from Discover McNabs Island. It, along with Hangman’s Beach which I bought in Windsor during our last trip, is one of two novels set on McNabs Island.

On my second trip to the store I had all the time I needed to look around and spent most of my time in the little room devotedly solely to books on the Atlantic provinces. I already have books on the regional idioms of English spoken in Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia and A Literary and Linguistic History of New Brunswick completed my Atlantic collection:

In addition to chapters on the English language as spoken in the province, there were also interesting chapters on the idiom of English spoken in French New Brunswick, on the Micmac language, Maliseet and Acadian forms of speech.

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