On your birthday, the F, W and Y may be worth 1

I received this fantastic birthday card and noticed immediately that the tile values are inconsistent. Overanalysis tends to ruin the sentiment so I am taking this with a grain of salt and a wink, but any Scrabble player can see the discrepancies in the tile distribution and the values. There are three C’s on the board, all of which are worth three points, and also three H’s which are all worth four. But among the three F’s, only one is worth the proper value of four and the other two are mysteriously assigned one point. The W is also valued at one. There are two Y’s, one of which is worth its proper value of four and the other demoted to one. The card appears to be licenced by Hasbro:

so you’d think they’d get it right. Maybe the players combined two bags of tiles into one, and found a language version that had different values for F, W and Y.

But on your birthday, you can spell COCCI, FAFF and SHHH naturally.

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  1. And the shadows are funny, the wood grain is suspiciously similar among equal tiles, and it’s just LOCO to play COOL in row 15. Happy Birthday!

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