One new Tristan book

My latest Tristan acquisition is Back to Tristan by Arne Falk-Rønne. It is an English translation from 1967 of the Danish original which was published in 1963. I had bought the Finnish translation in 2017.

I had ordered this book weeks before my recent Nova Scotia holiday and was worried it would be delivered to my door while I was away. I had made arrangements with a neighbour to check my front door daily in case it had arrived. Fortunately the book was small enough to fit into my mailbox, but it was a struggle to get it out. The mail carriers can open the entire panel of mailbox slots to fit parcels in but once the panel is closed it cuts off a few millimetres around the perimeters of individual mailboxes. I have sometimes spent many minutes trying to pry a package out of my mailbox.

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