Pelee Island part two

After seeing Fish Point we ate our lunch overlooking South Bay where there was a little beach:

We continued our ride east along South Shore Road then up the east coast of the island along East Shore Road. We noticed many homes for sale all over the island. We passed two small beaches, East Park and Sunrise, and headed up to Parson`s Road en route to the airport. We passed a vineyard where the grapes were tiny, smaller than mothballs:

Mark bought an enormous package of velvet-skinned red Concord grapes for only five dollars from an unstaffed curbside stand. We heard an airplane take off and knew we were very close. What I noticed on Pelee Island reminded me a lot of Tristan da Cunha. On Tristan, you see the sign or label “the most isolated XXX in the world” all over, whereas on Pelee Island you see “Canada’s southernmost XXX” on signs. Thus at the island airport, the sign on the runway side says:

We were lucky enough to see another plane take off. Tiny wood house on Centre Dyke Road:

The grocery store near Scudder marina:

A sneak peek below into what my homepage image will be when I launch my new website. I love post office signs that indicate the town they serve. On this trip too many of what appeared to be central or downtown post offices merely said “Post Office / Bureau de poste”:

I mailed some postcards from this post office. I will ask the recipients what the cancellation says. I sure hope they got stamped “Pelee Island” and weren’t taken to Leamington for processing. (My postcards mailed from Baarle-Hertog and Point Roberts unfortunately were not cancelled in either location.)

Grimy phone booth at the west dock. Note the state of the phone book:

Another sign showing two Canadian superlatives. This is by the west dock:

On the walk to the lighthouse in the northeast by Lake Henry Marsh:

We passed by what I nicknamed the Coronavirus Tree:

Pelee Lighthouse from the northern tip of the island:

Look at how high the water is at Scudder marina:

The Wandering Dog Inn:

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