Photo Day / La Quotidiana

Buna sera!

Tomorrow is my last class and I can’t believe two weeks is over already. I was close to tears last Monday before my classes even started and I am afraid I will feel the same way when my last class ends tomorrow. Today during the lunch break all the classes got their pictures taken. I am in class 1A and have made several dozen new friends. Last December when I read about this course on the web site above (only available in Sursilvan, Italian, French and German translations) it sounded fun and so welcoming. I didn’t think I’d have even more fun that what I had imagined. Will I come back? Gie, naturalmein!

There is one Romansch daily newspaper called La Quotidiana. It might be the only newspaper in the world published in six languages. There are articles published in all five of the Romansch idioms (Sursilvan, Vallader, Surmiran, Puter and Sutsilvan) as well as in the standardized written language, Rumantsch Grischun. These articles are all mixed together and it’s quite funny to start reading an article then realizing that you don’t know the dialect! Free copies come to the Casa Caltgera every morning. It’s only about sixteen pages each day.

More postcards are still to come; I’m holding off writing any more till I arrive in Liechtenstein, a country that owes its existence to the sale of postage stamps. I’ll be sure to increase their GNP this year when I hit the post office, I can tell you that.

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