Photos from Tristan da Cunha 2

Tristan da Cunha licence plate:


I saw so few cars with actual plates. Most vehicles just had “TDC [number]” written on by hand. I took photos of all the vehicles I saw with these “plates”, whether they were cars, motorcycles or utility vehicles.

I had asked in an earlier post for readers to write to me on the island. I had wanted to walk into the Tristan post office and actually receive mail. On Friday 13 September shortly after the post office opened I introduced myself to the head of the Post Office Department, Iris Green, and as soon as she heard my name she pulled a letter out:


Since my return from Tristan I have heard from two others who have enquired if their letters to me had arrived. This was the only one. I have since informed Iris Green as well as my host family to be on the lookout for any more letters, and they will be forwarded to my home address.

Empty cargo crates after being unloaded outside the supermarket (known as the “canteen” by locals):


The Tristan da Cunha flag atop the Administration building flapping proudly in the ever-present south Atlantic wind:


View of the Settlement from the top of the volcano (“wall – kayna” in Tristanian English) that erupted in 1961:


Stained glass window outside St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. It features three Tristanian symbols: the pyramid-shaped island with its peak covered in snow and a band of cloud in front of it, an albatross, and a longboat.


Inside the canteen:


They have Tab on Tristan!


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