Pictures from the past

My Aunt Sharon, one of my father’s four sisters, mailed me some family photos. I have chosen some of the least cringeworthy shots of me from thirty years ago, plus some of my parents and paternal grandparents:

My mother in the mid-seventies, taken in (I believe) my paternal grandparents’ kitchen.

My father in a photo dated March 8, 1991. He was 51 then, the same age I am now. I have inherited the Rowland nose.

My grandparents, Margaret and Albert Rowland.

I am shoeless standing next to my mother. This was taken at a Rowland family Christmas get-together in 1987. I was 21. I love the fiberglass wall treatment!

Chatting with my Uncle Gizzy, whose real name was Garry but no one ever called him that.

With my Aunt Sharon (not the aunt of the same name who mailed me these photos; this Sharon is Gizzy’s wife) and Aunt Sheila (the twin sister of my Aunt Sharon, my father’s sister, who mailed me these photos). The barber chair means the Christmas party was held at the home of my Uncle Allan (my father’s brother whom I was named after for my middle name) and Aunt Linda.

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