Plus 66 from me

Yesterday Mark and I played a game where I played a nine-letter bingo, (PE)NALTIeS for 83 points. I had the option of playing TeNAILS for 78, hooking the S to the front of -CION, but the nine was flashier, scored five points more, and also tied in with our mutual love of hockey. In playing PENALTIeS I opened up a bingo lane but did not worry about it since there was so much garbage left in the bag. I was not aware that my bingo emptied the bag, however. 

Mark wasted no time in laying down OVARIES for 88. While he was still counting up his score I was turning over my tiles one by one in horror as I had just realized that I had left nothing in the bag. The last seven tiles in the bag–and now on my rack–were:


Unbelievable: Mark bingoes out and gets 66 from me. 

Anyone have a higher leave at the end of the game? 66! That’s the same as bingoing out twice.

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