Remembering Mom at Christmas

My mother helped me set up my Christmas tree or trees every year since I acquired my own tree in 2002. The last time we had togther was on 15 November 2013:

In 2014, she died just three days before our scheduled day to set up my rainbow forest.

In 2012 she helped assemble my blue tree:

We visited the Swarovski Christmas tree at the Eaton Centre every year. The 2011 photo is the one I use as an avatar and which has a permanent place at my front and rear door windows, as well as inside the house. I made that photo into my 2014 Christmas card:

Our last annual Christmas shopping trip downtown was in 2013. The Eaton Centre put up this tree after the Swarovski tree moved to Yorkdale Mall:

At the Eaton Centre in 2012:

in the middle of its fibre-optic display (unlit)


all lit up

Nathan Phillips Square in 2013:

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