I arrived in Roscoff yesterday, taking the train to the end of the line. I always find it so interesting to see the traintracks just end…at a barrier, that is. Roscoff is on the northern coast and today I visit the Ile de Batz. This island (you do not pronounce the T or Z) is a fifteen-minute ferry ride. The lone library in Roscoff has no Internet terminals and I am in the tourist centre where there is a lineup for the sole computer. I’ve only got ten minutes! I got some steamed mussels yesterday from a kiosk at the harbour and I thought I would only get a few for seven euros. Was I surprised to get a container overflowing with fresh buttered mussels! It was huge! I am going back there tonight after Batz. My hotel here is the Hotel des Tamaris and I have a view across the narrow channel to the Ile de Batz. Tomorrow at 08.30 I leave for Paris and my first stop will be Coop Breizh, a Breton publisher where I will get some clothing with only Breton on it. Everything I have seen so far is bilingual or trilingual (throwing English in with the French). Gotta go.


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