Scrabble Club / April 6, 2023

With the Easter long weekend coming we decided to celebrate our Club’s thirtieth anniversary next week when more people are likely to attend. We will have a dinner and hold a four-game tournament as well. Thus on the actual Club date (April 6) closest to our thirtieth anniversary (April 5), this is how I fared:

325-364 against Steve. Steve played the game’s only bingo, dELIVERY for 76.

I sat out Round #2.

461-422 against John D. My bingos: BINDERS (77) and CANELIKE (95) *. My rack was ACEIKLN and there was an E on the bottom centre TWS. I took a chance with CANELIKE, knowing that if I chickened out on a 95-point play I’d be kicking myself for the rest of the evening. John held me on it but let it go. Turns out the only bingo with that rack is CLANKIER. John played THIRSTED (66) and PRINTERs (80). I unsuccessfully challenged his ELFINS. He used a blank for it (not as the F) but I don’t recall which letter he made it.

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