Scrabble Club / August 10, 2023

I won all three last night:

521-280 against John D. My bingos: ARENITE (75), DEWORMED (69), bELITTLE (66) and TARRiNG (79). My second bingo rack was DDEEMRW and there were seven unplayed O’s. I was hoping John would play one on his next turn, and he did. For my final bingo I set up the right TWS row by playing DAW, holding the N and the blank. John did not play any bingos.

458-346 against Noah. It was his request to play me, and I am happy to say that Noah plays better when he takes less time. He had the highest score against me yet, and had 1:09 left on his clock. I did have to review the blanks procedure with him, as he drew both of them yet designated neither, not even verbally. I had to put the clock back on his time and wait until he designated them as something. My bingos: AMNESTY (73), DEODARAS (88) and GREENIES (72). DEODARAS was a beautiful overlap on top of HOMER which also made OH, DO, RE and AR. I built it through the first A. Noah played SANdING (80) and JAVa for 63.

458-423 against Jean. I opened with tAWNIER (76) then played UMANGiTE (78) and BOOTERS (82)*. I had the option of playing BOOSTER but felt it was riskier, yet never doubted BOOTERS and Jean didn’t put me on hold. Merriam-Webster likes it. Jean played CARLINES (70) plus DWS-DWS non-bingo JOINTED for 60 and IZARS for 72.

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