Scrabble Club / August 17, 2023

I won two out of three last night:

386-432 against Dave K. I played ATTORNS (68) and OVErWIDE (78) while Dave’s bingos were DIsINTER (60) and MURINES (76). I unsuccessfully challenged DIsINTER when I had my own bingo, FAINTERS, to play through his E. I was then unable to play it after I lost my turn.

463-340 against John D. My bingos were WHINIEsT (80) and VOLTAGES (82). John played EELIEST (65) and ANERGIAs (66).

474-371 against Jean. Jean played a phony bingo, OVERDUCT (65)* as her second move, which I held her on. The T was situated above the bottom centre TWS, thus any S play would score big points. She also played OvERBITE (82) and ReMAINED (70). My bingo was BRIDLES (79) yet I scored a bingo-like score of 69 for slotting one tile, an S, onto the end of OVERDUCT while also making WEANS (45 + 24 = 69). At the time OVERDUCT was played there were two unseen S’s. I got them both eventually, yet it was a long time before I could play OVERDUCTS*/WEANS. I think 69 is the highest score I have ever played with only one tile. At the end of the game I told Jean that although I held her play for a long time and eventually accepted it, I was not confident that it was good and had she hooked an S onto the end of it I would have challenged it. I felt that she herself would not challenge any play I made if I had the S. Jean explained that she was thinking of VIADUCT when she discovered that OVERDUCT was a phony.

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