Scrabble Club / August 24, 2023

I won all three last night, and incredibly none of my opponents even reached 300 and none of them played any bingos:

467-129 against Noah. My bingos: TRACERS (70) and WETSUITS (74), which I was delighted to find and played through an E. My only other bingo with that rack was UNTWISTS. Noah had both blanks yet played them only for six points with NOse. He went overtime a few seconds past four minutes.

563-260 against Yvonne. My bingos: GALIOTS (70), RETUNED (70), UNwAXES (96)* and REtAPING (82). I was confusing UNwAXES with DEWAXES, obviously. The only bingo with that rack is an 8LW, UNSEXuAl.

379-298 against Jean. My bingos: OLEFiNIC (84) and ARSENOUS (62). Always look for a better play; I was hesitant to play my first bingo tiles as INFLECt since the t would have landed above a DWS, so I kept looking. Since it was early in the game the opportunities to play an 8LW were limited but thankfully I saw the open O (and any bingo had to begin with an O).

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