Scrabble Club / December 14, 2023

I won all three last night, and some freaky bingos were played too:

451-304 against Dave K. My bingos: GRoWLERS (72) and BEDPANS (68). Dave played BEASTIeS (86). I was lucky to have a place for BEDPANS. I had just challenged off a phony (AES*) and Dave opened up the board, while retaining the blank. I used his opening to make BEDPANS / SUN. My bingo opened up a DWS-DWS opportunity, provided Dave could find a bingo that began with B, which he did. At one point I had the rack AIIKORT ( = TROIIKA) and was curious to see if it made any eights. It made one, with a Y of all things: YAKITORI. I have played this word before.

383-300 against Steve. My bingos: CReMATES (76) and GEnOISE (79). Steve: none. Steve opened the right TWS lane with a Y when I had ACMRST?. I managed to find numerous 8LW bingos through a floating E yet spent many minutes in vain trying to find a bingo through the Y. There is only one: CoSTMARY, which I did not know. It would have scored 92.

456-429 against Sophia. I had one of those prescient moments where I could see I was drawing an 8LW out of the bag, all the while going second. My first tiles were an abundance of E’s, yet I added consonants to end up with EEENNPT. That makes PENTENE, but I wasn’t even aware that I had that word. I definitely knew it, but as I drew more and more tiles my mind rearranged them as NEPENTE–needing an H to play the freaky NEPENTHE. Sophia opened the game with GUSHING for 78. I couldn’t believe it–there was my H. I plopped down NEPENTHE for 66. I could have indeed played PENTENES, but that would have slotted the P on the top TWS line and scored 64. The only other 8LW in my opening rack was TENPENCE. I also played EPIdURAL (70) and rOLAMITE (72) and Sophia played OVARIES (76).

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