Scrabble Club / December 8, 2022

I won all three last night with an impressive score in the first game.

562-240 against Steve. My bingos: STANGED (73), CHUcKER (87) and SNUFFLE (83) / Steve: mOODIEST (61)

458-300 against Dave K. My bingo: CERITES (76) / Dave: RETAiNS (67). I opened the game with ZONED for 50, placing the D on the star. I hoped to play the snapback BLA- with the B on the left TWS to make BLAZONED for 60, but my replacement tiles after playing DENOZ were AAAAI. I had kept P and R and Dave’s first move used an M–and I saw ARAPAIMA–but the M was not accessible. Geez, sometimes horrid draws can turn into beautiful finds. I traded on my next turn, keeping an A, and drew both a B and an L. Dave underlapped the Z with DA to score 16 so he did not ruin BLAZONED; his play enhanced my snapback score from 60 to 63.

401-303 against Sophia. My bingo: HOoDIEST (86) / Sophia: none

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