Scrabble Club / February 2, 2023

I won two games last night:

457-316 against Kaveri. My bingos: RENOwNS (64) and WELLIES (83). I see that I let Kaveri get away with GRApHER, which turns out to be a phony, for 71. The only bingo in that rack is cHARGER.

366-374 against Dave K. My bingo: IRONERS (74). I underlapped Dave’s opening play of GATED to make five additional words (GI, AR, TO, EN and DE). / Dave: WORKINGS (67) and UNIVERSe (61)

400-346 against Sophia. My bingos: ACETOUS (71) and SAnTERA (69). Sophia had just blocked my spot to play any number of bingos ending with -S (AbATERS, AeRATES, cARATES, ErRATAS, kARATES and TEARgAS) so I had to look at the only other bingo lane, which obligated me to find a word that began with S. SAnTERA is the only one. During this game I had the natural but unplayable THERAPY; unfortunately those seven letters make no eight-letter bingos. / Sophia: none.

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