Scrabble Club / February 22, 2024

I won one game last night:

410-390 against Sophia. I played the game’s only bingos, cAJOLERS (94) and INEDITA (82), although Sophia did get a bingo score of 69 for ZITI.

356-417 against Jim Nanavati. Jim is back in town after moving to Medellín, Colombia. I played NATURES (81) and Jim got down gELLANT (66), PINNATED (62) and CRETINS (78).

349-411 against Steve. My bingos were SPADINg (92) and CELAdON (71) and Steve played DAUTIES (75) and SERIATED (65). Steve played MAJLIS (32), a word that is not new but I had never seen it before, so I challenged it and was unsuccessful. I had AAKNOR? which makes only one 7LW, which I found (ANORAKs) yet didn’t see the only 8LW: KANgAROo. I doubt that I could have played it even if I had seen it, as I got all three G’s in two consecutive turns and played them in areas too cramped for any 8LW.

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