Scrabble Club / February 29, 2024

I won two out of three on Leap Day:

523-228 against Olivia. I played three bingos: ALERTER (66), ARMORIES (72) and TENANTs (75). Olivia did not play any.

453-338 against Peter H. I was busting the board with bingos in this game: EQUITES (81), SEXTAIN (73), STEARATE (68) and AILERONs (66). My rack after EQUITES was the dreadful DDNPRRT. Fortunately there was an open I for me to play DRIPT for 16 next. Peter played BECOmING (66).

368-375 against John D. John played the only bingos, TRIaGES (74) and STORAGE (89). I had the chance to win if only I could find a bingo with CELMOS? through a Y. The Y was on the right middle TWS and the entire row was clear to accommodate any 8LW even if it began or ended in Y. I was focussed on creating an -LY suffix so I spent my time rearranging CEMOS? yet couldn’t find anything. As it turns out, there is only one 8LW with those letters: CyMOSELY. I vaguely recalled that word, and I wonder if I would have found it had I arranged the letters to spell it CYMOSELy instead. With the seven actual letters in front of me with the blank letter last, it might have seemed more evident than if I was building the word backwards to -LY with the blank so close to the start of the word. It is an interesting theory but unlikely to have changed the outcome, as I pointed out to John, since there was no way that I was going to consider making the blank another y. CyMOSELY was certainly a low-probability word, occurring 29726th out of all 31736 8LW.

Mark and I went to the grocery store on the way to the Club and Mark got me a chocolate fudge cake to celebrate my retirement. My last day at work was today. He also circulated a card among Club members to sign. I wasn’t even aware he was doing this. Between games I visited my former colleagues at the South Common Library to tell them my retirement news so he had a good opportunity to circulate the card then.

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