Scrabble Club / January 12, 2023

I won two games last night:

485-335 against Jonathan. My bingos: SUPERMEN (66), GaUDIEST (70) and DIASTERS (63) / Jonathan: RELAYING (66).

329-359 against Steve. My bingo: ERASION (72) / Steve: ImPALAS (69). I was pleased to play AIKIDO (for 22) onto an O from a rack of ADIIIKV, which I drew after ERASION.

485-388 against Jean. My bingos: ENABLING (74), SINEWED (89) and EqUALED (70) / Jean: INvOLVER (74). She also had a bingo score with QI for 64, placing the QI on top of the -IN- in ENABLING, with the Q on the TLS.

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