Scrabble Club / January 4, 2024

I won all three last night:

434-301 against Jonathan. My bingos: SEEtHES (73) and DRASTIC (76). My first bingo rack also made cHEESES and SHEEvES but the best play would have begun with an S. Jonathan: none.

403-341 against Peter H. We each played a bingo: my INsNARE (76) and Peter’s SINTERS (64).

442-319 against Sophia. The only bingos were my BARNEYs (75) and SHAGGED (75). Sophia opened with VEGAN (26) and my rack was AEINYZ? I immediately saw kYANIZE, which happens to be the only 7LW. It is no surprise then that possible 8LW are kYANIZEd and kYANIZEs but it would have been flashy if I was able to play dENAZIfY. Of course I would have had to find it first, but maybe if an F was on the board, I would have. If a D was on the board I would have jumped at kYANIZED without even thinking of looking for anything else.

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