Scrabble Club / January 5, 2023

I won two out of three at the first Club session of the New Year:

I lost big time to Steve, 296-520. I played no bingos yet Steve had VITRAINS (94, which I had unsuccessfully challenged), OUTrAGED (77) and NUTRIAS (64).

The scores were almost reversed when I played Valeria, winning 516-297. My bingos: OUTRIGHT (74), HARDIES (109) and ENDEARS (70) / Valeria: none. I played second and my rack was HIORTTU. I was hoping for a G as I saw OUTRIGHT, and Valeria gave me two of them with her opening play of GAGER. The only acceptable 8-letter word in my rack was in fact OUTRIGHT.

I beat Jean 435-408. My only bingo was STAGING (67) / Jean: OVEREATS (80) and FRANklY (89).

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