Scrabble Club / June 1, 2023

I won two out of three last night:

404-168 against Noah. Noah is a new player and is registered to play his first tournament, the Word Cup, in Albany later this month. He needs to familiarize himself with tournament rules and keep his time under control as the leniency we have shown him at the Club won’t cut it when he goes overtime in Albany. He went overtime in our game, and before the time penalty his score was 248. I gave him some tournament instructions and played my game with him by the book. He wanted to challenge a play I had made many turns ago. Fortunately in Noah’s case he had only announced he wanted to challenge my word and pointed it out to me, but I ruled that any words played several turns ago were unchallengeable. (The word he disputed was, of all things, SI.) I believe that no Albany player would allow him to play his turn if he attempted to challenge by neutralizing his clock first. I played EPINASTY (66) where I held AEINSTY, needing a CGKP to play an 8LW and luckily there was a P available. Noah impressed me by playing ELATERS (63), the only one of five possible anagrams that would fit.

468-289 against Troy. I played fAULTeD (66), ASTONISH (65) and GREENIER (74). Troy: none.

377-495 against Shan. My bingos: DEBATERS (72) and ACONiTES (72). Shan: DAILIES (70), EVANGELS (74), AQuILINE (82) and ANTIGEN (67). I knew this game was doomed from the start: my first pick was seven consonants and then when I exchanged I only managed to pick up one vowel on my new rack. Shan had the first move and he exchanged as well, but drew DAILIES as the first word on the board.

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