Scrabble Club / June 15, 2023

I won two out of three last night:

407-282 against Kaveri. I played DIABEtIC (to the -C, for 68) and Kaveri had a nice separated three-word underlap of INMATES for 75.

422-334 against Dave K. I played LEVANTER (65) and, ashamedly, APERIANT (86), obviously confusing it with APERIENT (which I have played before, correctly). For some reason last night I could not remember how to spell that word, and on the back of my score sheet I wrote APARIENT APERIANT APERIANT APERIENT APERIENT APERIENT, so I wrote it six times, the only triple spelling being in fact the correct one. Yet I doubted myself–I was not trying to pull a phony on Dave–and played a misspelling instead. Dave played RAILERs for 64.

354-364 against Steve. I played ETESIANS (61) and Steve played CiSTRON (78) and REPLATED (62). After my bingo I drew the horridly vowel-heavy AAEIOTU and there was a B available: ABOITEAU! Steve however used it and I told him after his turn ended that he ruined my beautiful yet awful play.

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