Scrabble Club / March 2, 2023

We celebrated two birthdays last night, with Yvonne enjoying a major ending-in-zero birthday on February 28 and Valeria celebrating that very night. We had two cakes, cookies and other refreshments.

I won all three:

470-365 against Jean. I played four bingos: AMOEBaE (68), GAUGERS (77), ENSLAVES (63) and SWEETING (89). Jean: NATTEReD (66).

398-372 against Dave K. I played one bingo very close to the end of the game, SIDEMAN (72) which hooked PIPAL with the S. Dave held me on it for a long time and challenged (only PIPALS) unsuccessfully. I would still have won, but by a smaller margin, if he had not challenged. Dave: COPTERS (82) and BANdAGES (70). I have a soft spot for COPTERS as that was the first bingo I ever played in my first Scrabble tournament. Of all the words one might consider as a “first”, it’s odd that a relatively uncommon word–with a C and a P–would be it.

463-299 against Yvonne. Although I only played one bingo, WInCHER (108), I had back-to-back huge plays with ZIP (70) and QUEST (76). Yvonne played NOTARIAL (66) and SpIRULA (61).

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