Scrabble Club / March 30, 2023

I won two out of three games:

365-404 against Dave K. My bingos: ANAeROBE (77) and STRINES (69). Dave: FORtIES (88).

421-365 against Kaveri. My bingos: JEREMIAD (113) and OSTInATO (70). Kaveri: TEStING (73). I was delighted to find JEREMIAD. I played it from the J which was on the centre left TWS, down to the bottom left TWS.

416-339 against John D. My bingos: SALViAS (68) and RELLIENo (64) *. I obviously was confusing it with the legitimate bingo RELLENO. The only bingo in my rack happens to be an anagram of my phony, LoNELIER, but it wouldn’t fit as an L had to be in third position.

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