Scrabble Club / March 7, 2024

I won two out of three last night:

439-375 against Kaveri. I struggled through this game after I let a 65-point phony six-letter word go. I don’t want to record it for fear that I will play it myself one day if I see it again. I played ENLISTED (80) and ZIP (72) and Kaveri played HEADIER (74). I managed to come back only after challenging a phony bingo off.

298-513 against Yvonne. The game was a bingo-burner for Yvonne, outplaying me four to one. I could only manage to get down ARENOSE (64) and Yvonne played CREATINS (68), TRAIToRS (74), EUGENIA (71) and THEOrIES (74).

511-225 against John D. I played HARLOTS (91), sTAINED (73) and REQUINs (105). John had a difficult game and went overtime, and played no bingos. He was doing the right thing by opening the board up while holding the tiles to capitalize upon it, but the rest of his tiles didn’t fall his way.

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