Scrabble Club / March 9, 2023

Mark brought a triple chocolate cake and a Key lime pie to the Club last night to celebrate my birthday. We leave for Florida on Monday and will be in Key West next Tuesday, so will be able to eat this pie at the source. I won two out of three games:

501-370 against Yvonne. My bingos: TRiSMUS (67), YEaSTIER (70) and COURSED (79). Yvonne: ANTHERID (98).

372-416 against Steve. I played PRINTERS (83) and sUBTILE (66). Steve: PeASCOD (80) and NONARTS (68).

460-310 against Tracy M. My bingos: OATIEST (64) and PLATONiC (90). Tracy: none.

We will miss the next two Club sessions but will return on March 30.

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