Scrabble Club / May 11, 2023

I won all three last night:

393-371 against Troy. I got both blanks but feel I should have had a bigger spread, yet Troy had sizable plays even though he didn’t play any bingos. I played IMITAtED (74) and FORECAST (64). Under my opening play of AGOUTY (28) Troy played INBOX for 52. After FORECAST I was lucky to draw ED, which would have scored me 48 as the T was two spaces above the lower left TWS. Troy however got there first as he had ER and played the nice ten FORECASTER for 45. He also played REZ for 51.

462-335 against Jonathan. I played PRONOUNs (61), CABINETS (64) and OMERTAS (88). Jonathan: FLOUTING (78). I had ACGINRZ, which makes CRAZING and as an eight only its plural, but nowhere to play either.

454-348 against John D. My bingos: GAUDIER (68), BEASTIES (63) and TETANISE (74). John: EnATION (63). I had the clunky rack ADGGNOW, which only makes WAGGONED as an eight yet there was no E available.

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