Scrabble Club / May 30, 2024

Three wins last night:

436-346 against Steve. I played TENDRILS (72) and Steve played ELEGIES (70) and INDICeS (77). After my bingo my rack was AAACEHR and I missed ARCHAEA, a word I knew but never would have even bothered to look for. Instead I played AAH for 30, overlapping three adjacent 2LW.

473-323 against Kaveri. I played knOTTIER (74), DROUGHT (69) and CANONIST (83). I was concentrating on finding a playable 8LW with my second bingo rack (which I drew immediately after playing knOTTIER) that I neglected to find, at first, the very own bingo that rack contained. The 8LW you can play with DROUGHT are, surprisingly, only its plural and DROUGHTY, which I knew. One of my racks was DEEGRSV which makes no 7LW yet only two 8LW: I had found DIVERGES, yet my jaw dropped when I discovered the other: SVEDBERG. I knew the word yet probably would not have found it if there was a B available. That would have been the most stylish play of the year.

569-268 in a rematch against Steve. I had a bingo bonanza with TRUDGEON (62), STrANGER (82), HAULIErS (70), OVERDUBS (67) and AXILE (60). I chickened out of playing EARDROPS (86) yet used the E to get down OVERDUBS later. Steve lost a challenge when I extended STrANGER to ESTrANGER.

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