Second biopsy

I underwent a second biopsy at Mt. Sinai Hospital yesterday morning by Dr. Nassar. During his examination he felt around my lower right abdomen to try to assess the size of the tumour. Other doctors have done this, yet Dr. Nassar managed to push his hands around to the point that I found the examination ticklish. He could definitely tell that there was a mass. Since I had already had a biopsy back in May I knew what to expect and, more importantly, I informed him and the nurses about my adverse reaction to Fentanyl that I had experienced the last time. Local anaesthetic is not strong enough. To ensure that I didn’t faint or vomit again after the biopsy I was given an IV with Midazolam and Fentanyl. Aside from the initial prick of the biopsy needle, I didn’t feel a thing.

During my first biopsy I had to grip onto the raised barrier of the bed while balancing on my left side. Fortunately during this procedure Dr. Nassar was able to probe while I lay comfortably on my back. The needle drew blood, which they told me about but I wasn’t able to see–and it stained my hospital gown. I only saw how big a stain it was when I got up to get dressed. It was a circle about 8-9 cm in diameter.

After the procedure I felt drowsy yet never fell asleep and read my book. The nurse called Mark and he picked me up outside on Murray Street and drove me home. I ate a mid-afternoon breakfast and then decorated more of my Christmas tree.

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