Skating lesson #2

Over the weekend Mark and I went shopping for a hockey helmet. I feel that with a helmet I will be less fearful on the ice during my skating lessons. Today was my second lesson and already I can see my progress. I used the helmet, and felt that I performed better now that this fear has been removed. It has only been two lessons yet I feel that I can skate better already. We learned some techniques that skaters might take for granted, but for beginners like me I was amazed. For example, I learned how to skate forward –and backward– while using only a minimal effort, just by pointing my toes or heels together and crouching. The smile that came across my face as I skated backward for the first time!

I can’t wait to take to the ice again. I chose my lessons in the autumn in order to have free outdoor ice rinks available once the lessons ended (Nathan Phillips Square, Natrel® rink, Ryerson mini rink). I am so keen on practising however that I kinda wish I had taken my lessons in the winter. That was on my mind when I signed up but I realize that the autumn lessons would be better: thirteen weeks of lessons followed by all winter to improve, versus thirteen weeks of winter lessons and practising on my own all combined within the same period. After winter lessons, spring arrives and the ice melts.

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