Squat flights

Last week I tried squatting for the first time. I had avoided this exercise because I was afraid the bar would come crashing down on me. It looked too dangerous to do alone, so I never did it. Yet last week a workout friend finally convinced me to try it. I did four sets of ten repetitions with only 115 pounds. Baby weight, yet the smart thing to do when attempting any new exercise is to get the feel of the range of motion first before you start piling on heavy plates. Today I piled on 195 pounds and tried squatting alone. I had conquered the fear of doing it a week ago and this time I was all on my own with no spotter. I managed quite well, doing eight sets of ten and feel that I could go over two hundred pounds next time. Yet my legs are like spaghetti right now. When I finished squatting and headed downstairs to the changeroom, I had to hold onto the railing. It felt as though my legs would give way at any time. Walking home was okay, yet now, nearly three hours after I squatted, I am still needing to hold the railing as I go downstairs to the basement. I do a lot of endurance cycling and take an insane pleasure in speed-cycling up hills, yet I have never gotten off my bike to stand on legs so wobbly I needed support, much less needed support three hours later! My legs are going to kill me when I wake up. 

I leave for Halifax this Thursday for a weeklong holiday and I had a thought about all the flights I have taken. Oddly enough, my first domestic flight (that is, a completed flight taken entirely within one country) was not in Canada. Can you take a guess where my first internal flight was?

It was in Denmark. Tiny Denmark of all places. I flew from Copenhagen to Bornholm in 2004:


Canada was the location of my second domestic flight (Toronto to Halifax). My third internal flight was taken last summer, in Finland, from Helsinki-Vantaa to Ivalo (Avvil):


I should point out that I do not consider partial legs of flights to be domestic flights. Thus a flight from Toronto to Las Vegas that has a stopover in Dallas-Fort Worth does not, at least in my opinion, count as an internal flight in the USA for its Dallas-Fort Worth to Las Vegas leg. Maybe I’m just being picky.

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