Still more about USS Pueblo

Our guide was not camera-shy but this faux sailor was. I imagine he was dressed the part for photographic opportunities, yet he frequently ducked or hid whenever I raised my camera. I managed to snap him from afar as I left the USS Pueblo:


In order to free the 82 men who had been held prisoner for close to a year, the US had to swallow hard and drafted a letter of apology. A reproduction of the letters, in English as well as a copy in Korean, are on display inside the Pueblo. Both copies of the letters are enormous–floor-to-ceiling in size–in order to drive the point across that the DPRK wanted to embarrass the US into confessing. Needless to say, once the sailors had safely crossed the DMZ and were in South Korea, the US recanted.


There was no gift shop on board but later I did buy a DVD on the Pueblo Incident, entirely with the North Korean point of view of course, with narration in English.

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