Switzerland and Finland 2007

Bien di amitgs ed amitgas

I am returning to Switzerland this summer and will be enrolled in another level of the Romansch course that I have been taking over the past two years. Between now and my date of departure, Tuesday 10 July, I am hitting the books, or cudischs as they are known in the Sursilvan idiom of Romansch, as I not only review my notes from the past two summer courses, but also do the work for the third level from home. It is my intent to take the fourth-level course while in Laax, Switzerland.

After the Romansch course I will take a side jaunt to visit my friends in Finland, whom I have not seen in three years. I have planned an exciting journey once I am in Finland, so I will be constantly on the go visiting with good friends and seeing their spectacular country. I’ll have no problem with seeing anything in Finland, as where I’m going, the sun will be shining 24 hours a day.

I promise to send a postcard to anyone who asks. Please reply with your mailing address and you will find a card waiting in your mailbox either from Switzerland or Finland. 

Parhain terveisin
Salids e saleps

Vies amitg canades

Craig Rowland

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