The Bookkeeper’s Daughter has been edited again

My original review of The Bookkeeper’s Daughter was posted on 5 July 2016. Fareh Iqbal produced her first semi-edited edition on 17 October of that year. The following is a report on her second editing job, from an edition dated 20 June 2018. Changes to the text are marked in red. She left no mistakes in the revised text. That said, as this is the edition now made available to the public, I will alter my on-line reviews to reflect the current state of the novel. My own personal web pages will remain as is, yet I will take down my reviews of the substandard editions from all fora. Thank-you Fareh for presenting a flawless work of fiction.  

“…Eleanor had closed up the place, abandoning the memories it held, hired a nanny and moved to her parent’s grand estate in London.” (p. 27). I see this error even in works put out by large publishing houses. We are talking about both parents here, of course, so the word should be parents’.

–now parents’.

“…the knight-errants and their creators.” (p. 71). The plural of knight-errant is knights-errant.

–now knights-errant.  

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